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Dec. 1, 2023

December Events

In December, communities come alive with a myriad of festive events, embracing the spirit of the holiday season. Across towns and cities, dazzling light displays adorn streets and public spaces, creating a magical atmosphere. From traditional tree lighting ceremonies to giant menorah lightings, and, of course, appearances by Santa Claus, the month is filled with opportunities for families to come together and celebrate. Cultural and religious celebrations, such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, add diversity to the festivities, with community centers and synagogues hosting special events. As the year draws to a close, December events offer a wonderful opportunity for communities to unite in the joy of the holiday season.

Gingerbread House Festival

119 Airport Rd. in Concord
December 2-3 and December 9-10

Put on by the NH Home Builders Association, this annual event will be filled with gingerbread houses built by the men and women who build the houses you live in! That’s right the NHHBA members. Come see if they’re knowledge of building carries over to gingerbread. 


Holiday Home Tour 


580 Washington Road, Rye, NH 

December 2 

Here is some unique fun! Local designers decorate five historic homes for the holidays, in the beautiful Rye, NH.

Stroll through these charming historic homes and admire the creativity. From the twinkling lights to the, displays and stunning decorations. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to enjoy the beauty there is plenty to see.  

Santa Express Trains 

Hobo Railroad in Lincoln
Weekends, November 24 – December 23

This one is fun for the whole family. Trains excursions are approximately 80 minutes long with guest appearances from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Plus, all young children will receive a letter that they can complete for Santa and receive a gift.  Don’t miss out, train rides start and return from Hobo Junction Station in Lincoln.


Etz Hayim Synagogue Hanukkah Menorah Lighting


Hood road, Derry, NH 

December 8 10:30 

As the Jewish community commemorates the victory of the Maccabees they will light their giant outdoor menorah and sing Chanukah melodies led by Rabbi Levy and Amy. This Second Night Chanukah menorah lighting, pizza dinner and Family Shabbat Service will surely brighten the winter night.


The Nutcracker 


Chubb Theatre 44 S Main St, Concord, NH 

December 16 

Come see this beloved ballet that has become a cherished holiday tradition worldwide. Hosted at the Chubb Theatre in our capital city, this enchanting masterpiece brings to life the magical tale of Clara and her Nutcracker Prince. This iconic score, coupled with the graceful choreography, transports audiences to a realm of wonder, capturing the essence of the holiday season and leaving a lasting impression of enchantment and beauty.

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Nov. 3, 2023

Rev Up For Fall and Winter: 5 tips to keep your car cozy in New Hampshire!


Rev Up for Fall and Winter: 5 Tips to Keep Your Car Cozy in New Hampshire!

Hey there, fellow Granite Lifers! As the leaves change colors and pumpkin spice everything takes over, it's time to give our trusty rides a little TLC. Winter in New Hampshire can be as unpredictable as a moose crossing the road, so let's make sure your car is ready to tackle whatever Mother Nature throws our way in this upcoming season. Here are five tips to get your wheels rolling smoothly into fall and winter:

1.     Tire Tango: Imagine your car as a dancer and the tires as its dancing shoes. You wouldn't hit the dance floor with worn-out shoes, right? Same goes for your tires. Check the tread depth and make sure they're properly inflated. A well-prepared tire is like a good dance partner—supportive and ready for any move. Consider a true snow tire for the winter, made to tackle whatever comes our way.

2.     Oil Orchestra: Your engine is the maestro of the car symphony, and the oil is its sweet melody. Make sure to change your oil and use the right viscosity for colder temperatures. It's like giving your engine a warm, cozy blanket to snuggle with during those chilly New Hampshire nights. Ask your local technician what they recommend for your vehicle or consult your owner’s manual for all you DIYers.

3.     Battery Ballet: Your car's battery is like its morning cup of coffee—it needs a little boost to get going. Check the battery terminals for any corrosion and make sure it's charged up. A happy battery means a happy car, ready to conquer frosty mornings without a hitch. Remember, batteries typically last 5 years, so if you think you’re on the cusp of that timeline, stop into your local parts center for a battery test!

4.     Antifreeze Fiesta: New Hampshire winters can be colder than a snowman's handshake, so ensure your car's cooling system is ready for the chill. Check the antifreeze levels and mix to make sure it can handle the sub-zero temperatures. Think of it as giving your car a warm, toasty mug of hot cocoa.

5.     Windshield Wiper Waltz: Visibility is key when navigating through the winter wonderland. Replace those worn-out wiper blades and fill up the windshield washer fluid with something that is going to help de-ice the windshield. Picture it as your car doing a graceful waltz with the snowflakes, ensuring a clear view of the road ahead.

Remember, preparing your car for fall and winter is like getting it a backstage pass to the New Hampshire weather show. Follow these tips, and your vehicle will be the star of the season, handling snow, ice, and everything in between. Drive safe and enjoy the ride, Granite Staters!


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Oct. 27, 2023

NH November Events

November in New Hampshire brings a delightful blend of autumnal beauty and early signs of the approaching winter. As the vibrant fall foliage gives way to the first dustings of snow, the state hosts a diverse array of events. Nature enthusiasts can explore the state's parks and trails to witness the breathtaking transition of seasons, while those with a passion for the arts, can enjoy a variety of cultural events, from art exhibitions and performances to holiday-themed festivities, including tree lightings and craft fairs. In the spirit of gratitude, many communities also come together to honor Veterans Day with parades and ceremonies, paying tribute to the men and women who have served in the military. Overall, November in New Hampshire is a time of vibrant colors, community spirit, and a growing sense of anticipation for the upcoming holiday season.


Concord Art Walk -  Nov 3

The Concord Art Walk in November is a captivating and vibrant cultural event that showcases the city's rich artistic community. During this special edition of the Art Walk, the city's downtown streets come alive with an array of galleries, studios, and art venues welcoming visitors to explore and appreciate the diverse talents of local artists. As the November chill settles in, art enthusiasts can warm their spirits by strolling through the city's historic streets adorned with a tapestry of autumn colors, taking in the stunning works of painters, sculptors, and artisans. The Concord Art Walk in November offers an opportunity to engage with the creative spirit of the community, meet the artists behind the works, and perhaps even find the perfect piece of art to grace your home as winter approaches, making it a must-attend event for art lovers and culture enthusiasts. Check out the link HERE.


Lakes Region Fall Craft Fair - Nov 11

The Lakes Region Fall Craft Fair is a beloved annual event that captures the essence of autumn in New Hampshire. Held against the backdrop of the stunning Lakes Region, this fair is a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and the beauty of the fall season. Visitors can peruse a wide array of artisanal creations, from handmade jewelry and pottery to exquisite woodwork and seasonal decorations. The fair provides a unique opportunity to connect with local artisans, offering a glimpse into their creative processes and the chance to purchase one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items, making it an ideal place to find unique gifts and treasures as the holiday season approaches. With the vibrant foliage as a backdrop and the crisp, cool air setting the scene, the Lakes Region Fall Craft Fair is a quintessential New England experience that brings together both craft enthusiasts and nature lovers in a picturesque setting. Check out the link HERE.


Labelle Light Show - Amherst - Nov 14 – Jan 7

Labelle Winery's light show is a mesmerizing and enchanting spectacle that transforms the winery into a dazzling wonderland during the holiday season. As night falls, the winery's grounds come alive with a symphony of vibrant, synchronized lights that dance in harmony with music, creating a magical and immersive experience for visitors of all ages. The intricate light displays not only adorn the winery's vineyards and buildings but also incorporate holiday-themed motifs, from twinkling snowflakes to shimmering Christmas trees, evoking a sense of seasonal joy. Labelle Winery's light show offers a delightful and enchanting way for families and friends to come together, celebrate the holidays, and revel in the beauty of the winery's illuminated landscape. Check out the link HERE.


Gifts of Lights - Loudon - Nov 23 - Dec 31

The Loudon Gift of Lights show is a breathtaking holiday extravaganza that transforms the New Hampshire Motor Speedway into a winter wonderland. This annual event dazzles visitors with a spectacular drive-through experience, featuring millions of twinkling LED lights that form enchanting displays of colorful animations and festive scenes. From sparkling tunnels and animated reindeer to Santa's workshop and larger-than-life ornaments, this display offers an immersive journey through the magic of the season. Families and friends can stay warm in their vehicles while taking in the captivating lights, making it a cherished holiday tradition that brings joy and wonder to all who visit the Loudon Gift of Lights show, creating cherished memories for years to come. Check out the link HERE.


Keene Tree Lighting – Nov 25

The Keene, NH tree lighting is an eagerly anticipated annual event that marks the official start of the holiday season in the city. Located in the picturesque downtown area, this festive gathering centers around the lighting of a towering Christmas tree, bedecked with thousands of shimmering lights. Families, friends, and community members come together to witness the magical transformation as the tree illuminates the night sky, casting a warm, enchanting glow over the city streets. Often accompanied by carolers, hot cocoa stands, and visits from Santa Claus, Keene's tree lighting event fosters a sense of togetherness, joy, and the spirit of giving, making it a cherished tradition that brings the community closer and instills a sense of holiday magic. Check out the link HERE.


Veterans Day Parades – Nov 11

And last, but certainly not least are the Veterans Day parades. These parades are a heartfelt and patriotic celebration of the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. These parades typically feature a colorful procession of military personnel, veterans, and their families, along with community organizations, marching bands, and patriotic displays. Spectators lining the streets wave flags and cheer in appreciation of the veterans' service. The parades often conclude with solemn ceremonies, where speakers reflect on the significance of Veterans Day, paying tribute to those who have served and those who continue to protect our nation. Be sure to check your town website for more information.



Holiday strolls - Nov 25 and ongoing

Holiday strolls in New Hampshire are a cherished and heartwarming tradition that brings communities together to celebrate the festive season. Typically held in picturesque New England towns and cities, these strolls transform quaint streets into magical winter wonderlands. Visitors can expect to be enchanted by the soft glow of twinkling lights, charming storefront displays, and the sweet sounds of carolers. Local shops and vendors often stay open late, offering unique holiday gifts and treats. From horse-drawn carriage rides to hot cocoa stations, New Hampshire's holiday strolls offer a perfect opportunity for families and friends to revel in the holiday spirit, creating lasting memories of warmth, togetherness, and community during the most wonderful time of the year. Check your local town websites To see if your town is having a stroll.

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Oct. 9, 2023

Fall Home Checklist

Embracing Autumn

As our New Hampshire landscape transforms into a masterpiece of fall colors, it's time to give your home the TLC it deserves for the season ahead. It's not only all of the leaves, acorns, and gardens to clean up, but there are a number of house-specific projects for you to tackle before the winter season settles in. Here are some essential fall home maintenance tips to keep your property in top shape:

Warmth Starts at Home: Ensure your cozy haven stays warm by having a local pro give your heating system a once-over. A well-tuned furnace not only keeps the chill at bay but also makes sure you're not burning through firewood unnecessarily. Give us a call, text, or email for help finding the best professional in your area!

Roof TLC with a Side of Leaf Peeping: Take a stroll around your property, admiring the foliage (and prepare to pick it up!), and while you're at it, inspect your roof. New Hampshire's fall foliage is breathtaking, but those falling leaves, acorns, and pine needles can clog gutters. Clear them out to avoid water issues, and check your roof for any missing shingles—our weather can be unpredictable. Pro tip, check out gutter covers to avoid this in the future!

Seal the Gaps, Embrace the Warmth: New Englanders know the importance of sealing gaps. Grab some caulk, weatherstripping, and window shrink wrap kits to seal up any drafts around windows and doors. It's the Granite Life way to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

Trim with Flair: Channel your inner landscaper and trim those overgrown branches and bushes. Not only will your home look sharp against the fall backdrop, but you're also safeguarding against winter storms. Keep a close eye for power lines and consider areas you may frequent during the winter and be sure to give them the best care possible.

A Fireside Chat, New Hampshire Style: If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, it's time to get it ready for those crisp autumn nights and cozy fireside chats. Call in a chimney sweep to ensure it's safe and stock up on local firewood or pellets for the coziest nights.

Detector Check, Life-Protect: In the spirit of Live Free or Die and fire prevention week, don't compromise on safety. Test those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors—change the batteries and consider upgrading for the latest in safety tech. A small expense in time and money can go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Winterize Like a Local: Show your outdoor faucets and irrigation system some love. Disconnect and drain those hoses, and if you have an irrigation system, call in a pro to winterize it. Most homes are also equipped with a shut off valve for exterior hose connections so be sure to turn those off and cover the valves. We're all about staying prepared for whatever winter throws our way.

Insulation Bliss: Keep the warmth inside where it belongs. Check your insulation in the attic, walls, and crawl spaces. A snug home is a happy home when living the Granite Life. There are insulation professionals available throughout our state and you can find great resources on keeping your homes well-insulated through this link.

In a Nutshell: Fall is one of our favorite times here at Granite Life; and we love to embrace the crisp air, the vibrant foliage, and the sense of community in our beautiful state. By giving your home the care it deserves, you're not just maintaining a house; you're nurturing your piece of New Hampshire paradise. As always, we're just a click or call away if you need help with locating any professional assistance near you, and we've taken the time to vet them so you don't have to worry. Here's to a season of warmth, beauty, and the unique charm of living in the Granite State!



Sept. 27, 2023

7 October 2023 Events You Won't Want to Miss in New Hampshire

With the change into the fall season, not only comes a colder breeze but also a slew of fun seasonal events! Autumn is a captivating time in New Hampshire, and we want to help you make the most of it. We have comprised a list of 7 fall- and Halloween-themed events across the state no one should miss, that are coming up in the month of October.

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Sept. 18, 2023

What are Closing Costs?

Are you thinking about buying a home in New Hampshire, but you’re not sure what costs are involved in the process?

Buying a home is a significant milestone in many people's lives, but it's essential to understand the financial obligations that come with it. In addition to the down payment, prospective homeowners should be aware of various costs associated with buying a home. In this article, we explore what closing costs are comprised of, so that you’re not taken by surprise once you’ve already started the process.
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Sept. 5, 2023

Do I Need to Update My Home Before Selling?

Are you wondering whether a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, or a full-blown renovation will increase the bottom line when selling your New Hampshire home? The short answer? It depends!

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Aug. 25, 2023

12 of New Hampshire's Must-Attend Events in September 2023

As the summer warmth gradually gives way to the crisp embrace of autumn, the Granite State comes alive with a multitude of captivating events and activities that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a foodie seeking delectable delights, a fan of arts and culture, or simply someone looking to immerse yourself in the vibrant local community, New Hampshire has something special in store for you this September. Here, we explore the best events this September, that are all set against the backdrop of New Hampshire's breathtaking natural beauty and undeniable charm.

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Aug. 16, 2023

What Does a Real Estate Title Company Do in New Hampshire?

Are you looking to buy a home? It’s important to understand the buying process and the different professionals that will be guiding you throughout it. Aside from your Realtor and lender, once you’re under contract on your new home, you’ll need to work with a title company, which plays an important role in closing the transaction! So in this article, you’ll learn 5 critical functions a title company performs, so that you don’t wind up unprepared and stressed out if a title issue comes up.

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Aug. 4, 2023

New Homeowner? 7 Tips for DIY Updating Your Home

For many people, buying a new home is one of the most exciting moments in life. It’s a chance to make your house truly your own and create a space where you can relax and enjoy your life. One of the most rewarding ways to do this can be by doing it yourself (DIY)! DIY home improvement can be a great way to add value to your home, as well as give it a unique and personal touch. However, it can also be a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we’ve put together these 7 tips for new homeowners who plan to DIY update their home.

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